Sunday, January 4, 2015

JV's 2013 (Posted in early 2015! ;P)

NOTE: I wrote this one year ago and never posted it. I figured why not share it with the universe. :)

Hello, bloggers! I've missed you!

In April 2014, it'll be two years since moving back to America. We've made some great friends and met some incredible people! Seattle feels like home, and we continue to explore this fine city. 

I'm starting to feel like myself again; however, I also know when to save my energy when I encounter insincerity. I love zoning out into my own world of images, books, music, private uncouth tweets, extraneous information, which I haven't had much time to do in 2013, but I'm catching up. 

I got back in touch with my adventurous spirit and couldn't believe how dead I felt inside with two jobs and school. Sometimes, I try so hard to complete too many tasks and be too many things, I usually say "no" when I've stretched myself too far. That's why I disappear sometimes. These photos may lead you to believe that I'm a person who likes to socialize constantly. Yes and no? I like to observe/snap everything happening around me. 

"I can just hold up my lens, and then I disappear." - DRM

Here are some of my favorite 2013 moments in the form of sentences and lists:


 photo January3_zps3fea9493.jpg photo January4_zpsba61daf3.jpg
We welcomed New Year's 2013 in Capitol Hill singing karaoke and dancing at Mel and James' place. We made our farewell to the King Tut exhibit where I befriended dozens of good-spirited souls. I've got nothing but a whole lot of well wishing for these big hearts! I watched Aaron J Shay play an amazing mashup of the Sex Pistols meets Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (yes, I Google'd that) at the final party. Chris and I celebrated our second-year anniversary.
 photo January1_zps219b20c9.jpg photo January5_zpsfc38ba9f.jpg
There were beautiful walks around Green Lake. Mitzie and Jack visited us Vegas transplants! We started planning their move here ;) The Hart of Dixie obsession began. Let's talk about Team Zeorge vs. Team Zade!!! I converted LSL! I started watching Girls. It reminded me of when I lived in Brooklyn with Jenn and Nicole (just as lost but not as messy). Turns out Hannah and Adam live on the same street I lived on in Brooklyn! I got a new job back in the communications field again!


 photo February2_zps319c1f3c.jpg photo February3_zpsf587a25f.jpg
Chris and I went to the EMP. We started a band called Headaches named after Jeff's band called Headaches in New Zealand. LOL! I had major hair envy at the Worn to Be Wild exhibit. :) We absorbed the city on date days. I juggled a full-time job, part-time job, attending part-time school and kept it together while lost in seclusion. Two hours of free time felt like an eternity. Chris had Cupcake Royale for his birthday!
 photo February1_zps0f3bab15.jpg photo February4_zps4d4d2925.jpg


 photo March1_zpsa37c003f.jpg photo March2_zpsa5bc5302.jpg
Our new office moved downtown near the world famous market!
 photo March4_zps31819803.jpg photo March3_zpsbfcdf58d.jpg
This awesome couple aka. Mike and Kel came to visit us, and we had many discussions about culture shock and reverse culture shock. So many puns and corny jokes! They held Madagascar cockroaches at the PSC :) We celebrated Lady C's birthday dancing to Cut Copy and STRFKR. I had to work on a class project with my classmates a.) the hilarious unintentionally funny class clown b.) the charismatic story-teller and listener. Consummate professionals. I wondered how I got so lucky.


 photo April1_zps5faa749e.jpg photo April5_zpsa0e177cd.jpg
 photo April4_zps9460cdf8.jpg photo April2_zps33bfb5b2.jpg
Spring came along. We went to Vegas and ate at a neon Denny's just because! Back in Seattle, I FINALLY saw the gum wall and went to my first Mariners game! Chris in Philly sent me an awesome mixed CD (I hate myself and owe him one bigtime)! We've carried on this tradition for about 13 years now. We watched Chuck Ragan, Tim McIlrath, and Rocky Votolato play in the Revival Tour. Man punks! Sandy took me to her favorite place ever - the Suzzallo Library's reading room. We introduced Rakesh to the boot at Von Trapp's and Gas Works Park.
 photo April8_zpsf34d817c.jpg photo April7_zpsb350379b.jpg


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