Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Local Guide To Las Vegas

Updated November 2017

Okay, it's the "Kinda Local's Guide to Las Vegas" since I moved away (now) 9.5 years ago! Las Vegas has changed so much in those 20 years that I spent living there. I LOVE visiting and ALWAYS run into the problem of trying to do EVERYTHING while seeing old spots with family and friends. The lack of sleep is worth it every time!

In 2016, 42.9 MILLION people visited this city. The best part of being in the chaos is people watching. You really see its diversity of locals and all walks of life that come to visit.

-Parking is free in some places, but check out this list of free places to park. I recommend renting a car, so you can get outside of The Strip aka. Las Vegas Boulevard. But if you're drinking, walk, get a cab or car service!
-If you're big on gambling or gaming, drinks are mostly free with a tip. (Sure you've seen The Hangover and want to keep up with what happens in Vegas, but people live there 365 days a year too. Remember, somebody else will have to clean up your mess.)

Anyway, I've put together a list with links and tips for some of my favorite spots/places I still have yet to see! Enjoy and have fun.

Sights/Fun Places 

Bellagio Water Fountain - The classiest dancing water fountain I've ever seen. Go see it at nighttime! It runs every 15 minutes from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Indoor Botanical Gardens - Go see it at the Bellagio (Dale Chihuly's art installations are nearby in the lobby).

The High Roller at the Linq - Take a joy ride on the big ferris wheel!

Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino - If you love modern design, go walk around this extravagant creation. There's also a "hidden" pizza place. Go on a hunt and explore. Photo by

Hard Rock Casino - I've been to so many great concerts here. There's a fancy pool too!

Stratosphere Observation Deck - For me, this is a MUST SEE! I recommend going during the day, so you can see how vast this city is.

Pinball Hall of Fame - I love watching pinball enthusiasts marvel at all different themes. Photo by Chris Ainsworth


Go see a show! There's several Cirque du Soleil shows. Blue Man Group, etc. etc. My personal favorite is Elton John's live show. His visual elements were designed by photographer and director David LaChapelle, and I can only imagine his latest show is extraordinary. (The previous Red Piano show and films blew me away! I need to get a DVD copy.) Photo by


If you're a foodie, Vegas will treat you well. There are so many fine-dining options at most casinos.
The MGM Grand has over 20 restaurants, and 12 are specialty dining.

Check out Bardot Brasserie at the ARIA resort!

My favorite local deli is Capriottis. Try the vegetarian turkey! And if you're not vege, there's plenty of meat there too! There are over 20 locations in the city.

Luv-It Frozen Custard, Babystacks, Eat (breakfast/lunch near Container Park), Chinatown, etc... The list could go on and on.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kendra's Night Out In My Crazy Hometown, Las Vegas!

If you've ever had a chance to visit Las Vegas, I recommend going right now! February and March are the most pleasant months to enjoy the sun, the outdoors, shows, concerts, salons, malls, spas, pools, casinos, and of course, the 4.2-mile strip. I hope you venture outside of that too because there's lots to be done outside of that neon carnival!

Travel expert Kendra Thornton asked me to put together a day look and night look for her big trip to Vegas! AKA. "Kendra's Night Out" Challenge. As a busy mother, she explains that she doesn't keep up with the latest trends. I hope you like what I've put together. :)
Kendra's Night Out

Fun fact* - See that Googie mid-century modern star (yes, that's how it's spelled NOT Google) on the sign? My husband and I have matching tattoos of that star. As a former Las Vegas resident of nearly 20 years, I love that place and the silly, loving people in it! (Also, check out my LOCALS' GUIDE TO LAS VEGAS HERE!)

Kendra, I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas!

You can read more about her plans here.

"A couple months ago, some of my friends decided to go to Las Vegas for a night, and they invited me to go as well. I was thrilled at a chance to go back to Las Vegas. I usually went with my husband, but since we have three children, I have not gone for a while. My wardrobe would not fit in with the style and culture of Las Vegas, since we will be staying the night at the Palms Casino & Resort. Therefore, my friends have created a challenge called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” This challenge that they have undertaken is trying to identify cute outfits that I should wear while we are at the Palms Casino & Resort. It will be interesting to see what they will do, as I am in desperate need.

Spring Spring Spring!!!

It's almost here!


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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A ModCloth Look by Me

One of my favorite brands ModCloth (yes!) asked me to participate in their Uniquely You campaign. I've written about them several times on this blog, so it was a no-brainer. I'm a BIG fan of vintage-inspired style, and I often covet their dreamy dresses. 

Mod Stylist Amy H. asked me to put a look together on Polyvore with the Lead by Example Dress matched up with several other pieces on their website. See below: I can feel slight hints of Spring approaching, so I wanted to keep it sunny! It's going to be a glorious Spring and Summer!

ModCloth Spring Set

Here are a few other dreamy dresses including this zig zag dress and beautiful floral dress.


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Monday, February 17, 2014

Inspiration Board #2

Happy 2014! I'm back!

 photo zuzanna-bijoch-by-victor-demarchelier-for-antidote-magazine-fall-winter-2013-2014_zps366fd0c5.jpg
Victor Demarchelier for Antidote Magazine

 photo Dior_zps4ab0d864.jpg
Dior 1953

 photo perfectview_zps4afdb9e3.jpg

 photo OscardelaRenta_zpsa4eb3fe0.jpg
Oscar de la Renta

 photo ca621cf214b98f929140ef34e0c40f58_zpsc4b51a66.jpg

 photo Dree-Hemingway-Vogue-UK-June-2011-3-594x469_zps4ce292b2.jpg
Dree Hemingway in Vogue UK

 photo FashionWeek_zps16d68bd9.jpg

 photo Faraway_zpsb536d52d.png

 photo AmyPoehlerquote_zps902b3db9.jpg

Here's Inspiration Board #1!

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