Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If he/she ever reads this...


This was written to me about 4 months ago. It's so incredibly sweet.
If you have any questions or want to say hello,
hit me up here:


Basque Beret

Hello my friends! Where did the time go? I hope you had a good weekend. I've been so busy, I haven't been able to function for the past few weeks.

This weekend I spent Friday night with my co-workers having drinks, taking part in a scavenger hunt inspired by "The Amazing Race" throughout Ponsonby, dinner at Troy, hosting friends who just had a big OE living in France, brunching, eating, drinking, watched Super 8 (It was okay! The beginning was great, just didn't like how it ended!) worked some overtime! shopping and window shopping, cooked a huge pot of chili and of course, New Zealand's Next Top Model. :)

A dept. manager's amazing Piet Mondrian inspired painting!




I'm wearing a Basque Beret. I am actually a quarter Basque and think I look "extremely Basque" in these photos :P

thrifted beret | blouse bought in Hong Kong | F21 jeans | Cotton On shoes

I have about 200 blog entries to catch up on. I've missed your blogs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthdays, Beaches and British Pubs

On Saturday night, we met up with Sophie and friends to celebrate her birthday. Don't you love her fabulous faux fur coat?!
Sophie and Jess are both really stylish, and I think they should start fashion blogging!

Birthday girl opening presents.

The full moon was out and we were about 100 feet away from the beach. I wish I could have captured the moon glimmering in the water. We laughed so hard at Reuban's endless funny banter.

Here's the only photo of me taken for the night. Mostly vintage and recycled clothing!
thrifted vintage blouse, coat and skirt | belt from SM dept. store (PHL) | Etienne Aigner shoes

I am trying to hold off purchasing any clothes for until I get home to visit. I've been doing this now for the last 3 years! Can't wait to restock with some basics and a few new things.


Monday, June 20, 2011

WIWT: A Day in Newmarket

I went into work this last Saturday for a few hours (lots of OT lately!), as a reward Chris & I decided to treat ourselves to lunch and a movie in Newmarket.

We watched the new X-men movie, and wow! It was really good. I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at watching James Mcavoy. LOL! I was really impressed with the whole different cast. I thought "Tony Stonem" from Skins played such a loveable nerd. I am always fascinated when people can fake accents from different countries. I was a tom boy in my day. I could really have a nerdy conversation with you about all the X-men and family lines :) I really enjoyed seeing the storyline between Mystique & Xavier as kids, heartbreaking and sweet for a comic book story!


Chris is wearing Barkers

This is Android's option for the instagram-style photo :P


Zhouk coat via Recycle Boutique (excuse the wrinkles!) | Celine blouse | F21 jeggings | thrifted boots

Polaroid app.,
I love my camera phone!

Yesterday, we also saw "Bridesmaids" which is super hilarious and endearing. You should definitely go see it! Brings back some memories from my wedding :P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I met you on the internet...


Hello my friends,

I'm on Facebook! Become a friend or just like my page, if you'd like to get some updates. Or random asides...

Click here for my Facebook page, thanks!

And a big, big thanks for reading and following this blog. I enjoy reading your blogs and comments!

JV & that silly Prime Minister :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Teen Dream

13-year-old Elle Fanning (sister of Dakota)

I can't believe she's only 13! Gorgeous, but it still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. There's this part of me that wonders if there could have been a happy medium between chic & innocent pre-teen.



This little young lady has my dream hair and dream style in these photos. I am serious, I am going to attempt to recreate this hair!
Don't worry, I don't think I could rock those hot pants, and you probably shouldn't be looking at her wearing those.
Photos from here.

If you saw what I looked like when I was 13, it was during the time of grunge. (The first time!) I won't list the actual year because I don't want to date myself. Notice the grunge revival (but fitted) fashion that's come back? Yep, I used to dress like that but with more baggy & I-just-don't-a-f+ck-attitude. Yeah, I'm happy you'll never see that :) I did leave grunge in the past. However, my friend Gabby and I do agree-- nostalgic appreciation for grunge music should be a prerequisite for a suitable suitor in this day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

WIWT: Grey Skies Are Coming

Chris & I have a thing. "Our thing" is that we like to walk around the city on our Saturday's. I've been amazed at how glorious the weather has been for almost every Saturday for the past few months! But not today. At least it wasn't raining as hard as it usually does. I think it's helped me to overcome the upcoming winter blues here. Just two more months of horrid weather and then I'll be in Vegas with clear, sunny skies!

We had lunch at a cafe in the city!

Very yum!

hat from Recycle Boutique | DKNY coat | F21 jeans | scarf bought in Australia | Hannahs boots | bag by Red

Ben Sherman shirt | Cotton On cardigan | Hannahs shoes | Cotton On sunglasses

<3 br="">
I sent four care packages to my family in America & Philippines. The prices of NZ international shipping KILL ME, but I'm glad those packages are now finally on their merry way. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIWT: New Zealand City Mouse, Country House

Last weekend, for the holiday weekend (Queen's birthday), we visited my mother & father-in-law! They live in the New Zealand country side about 2 hours away from the city. If you're a fan of Lord Of The Rings, this little town that we're in is actually where the Hobbiton scenes were filmed. :)

"New Zealand like Lord of the Rings" Well in this case, yes! There's even a big sign that says, "Welcome to Hobbiton." This town is busy once again, stay tuned for more Tolkien Hollywood remakes.


I wanted to wear something kind of "country." I like to think of this dress as my Amelie dress, which isn't that country! But I changed it up with my boots, that I typically would not wear with this dress.

H&M dress | thrifted boots | F21 cardigan

There are horses across the road, perhaps next time, we can get a closer look!
My father-in-law was once a famous jockey in the 1960s! Correction: He was once in the Guinness World of Records for horse racing.

Fly To The States

It's been a crazy day and crazy week. Medical emergencies (not me), heavy work volumes, projects due and deadlines looming. In order to cheer myself up, I booked my trip to visit home in August! YESSSSSSSS. It may have been a bit presumptuous of me, but it had to be done! I miss Las Vegas (and America in general) so damn much. It has crippled my social skills where I just don't connect with anybody. It's something that I struggle with frequently. I'm going through this almost-mid-life crisis, constantly daydreaming about the good old days. In celebration of my trip, I'll have to post some unforgettable Vegas memories.

Chris & I also booked our accomodation for our Wellington trip! Family Cactus and Cut Off Your Hands are playing shows in the capitol city. I'm really happy with that.

This is my favourite band from Wellington singing about flying to the States. So fitting :)

Well, we have a lot to look forward to. We just have to survive through this cold winter.

Monday, June 6, 2011

WIWT: Op Art Prints & Guerilla Street Style Warfare

Last weekend, we were really excited to see some punk and garage bands. Our friends The Debutantes & Headaches were finally playing a show! :) Just before the band went on the PA broke!

So Chris (reluctantly) & I took the opportunity to take some style photos outside. We were in Newmarket, and the only place to covertly take some style photos was in this questionable shopping centre. Just as we were finishing up, some scary looking guy starting walking STRAIGHT for us! (I've been mugged once before and wasn't going to let this happen to me once again.) I told Chris to "@#($*@&#($& RUN." I bolted across the street and Chris thought I was insane. It felt like we were secretly going against the law to take some street style photos. LOL! We ran back to the venue, and it all felt forbidden.

thrifted Op Art turtleneck and coat | F21 jeans | UO shoes

Factory girl inspired


I have never worn the top and the coat before, which has been in my closet for nearly two years, so hooray for that!

I felt really sick by the time the first band went on, so I went home. (I had minor surgery earlier in the day, so I thought I could hang.) Apparently, I'm not that tough.

Melbourne, Australia 2010

Exactly one year ago, we went to Melbourne, Australia! It was my first time there, and I instantly fell in love with the city. If you've never been there, it's a MUST. Some say it's the London of the Southern Hemisphere.

Since we were so busy planning for the wedding and our old computer just about died, the videos I recorded never made it on to a video...UNTIL NOW!

Please excuse the cheesiness in my video. :)

Music by Miami Horror who's from Melbourne :)
(no copyright infringement intended)
I actually thought about this song the whole time we wandered around the city.

Chris & me by the Yarra River

Chris & his brother walking around Fitzroy

Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIWT: Brocade & The Library Bar

About two weekends ago, Chris and I attended the very first night of "Respect Yourself" at the Library Bar in the viaduct. The djs played mostly 60s soul and rock. I was in heaven.

I wore my gold brocade jacket. I love brocade almost as much as I love houndstooth.

We only talked amongst ourselves. I guess there is "no talking in the library."
We looked at an 1970s edition picture book of Auckland. Auckland was spectacular looking back in the 70s.

A jazz band played in the other room.

Heritage 1981 coat | patterned tights Ayala | F21 earrings


Look what we found :) Philadelphia represent!


This is my new favourite place!

PS. Two days after wearing this coat, I saw a girl walking down the street wearing the same exact one! So funny since I live about 6,000 miles away from home.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Zealand Music = Love

Well my days are unofficially numbered, and I'm slowly saying my goodbyes to New Zealand. Each day I am taking all of it in, enjoying and not enjoying my life here. I know I won't live here forever. I'll eventually grow my wings (once again) and move on. I wish I didn't get bored too easily. I miss America way too much. I wish NZ were only a 3 or 4 hour flight away from west coast USA. That'd make things so much easier! Does anybody ever stay in one place without that constant longing to be somewhere else?

All of my favourite NZ bands seem to have been in a music coma for the past two years, but in this last month, they've exploded on me once again with NEW MUSIC! It's certainly cheered me up for this last stretch of however-long-it-takes-to-move-on-aka-the-next-phase-of-my-life...

Hey you! You need some cheering up. Listen to these good tunes...

Junica (ex-Over The Atlantic) and Ladyhawke (Pip Brown)

Cut Off Your Hands - You Should Do Better by inertiamusic
Cut Off Your Hands latest song

Under from WATERCOLOURS Music on Vimeo.

Watercolours (Chelsea Jade)

Okay, this is an old song, but they're coming out with a new album soon!

WIWT: Mad Men Crazed

Hello my friends, our internet is back = I'm back! (We went over our data limit) I've missed reading your blogs and have over 800 blogs to catch up on in Google reader. Yeah, I follow a lot of blogs. :)

While waiting for our internet to restart up again, we watched the whole first season of Mad Men. If you haven't noticed, 1960s fashion is what I die for. I wore this outfit about two weekends ago, and sadly this dress has been in my closet for the last TWO years! $4 purchase :) This is why I love style blogging. I'm getting some use out of my never worn vintage pieces. This reminds me of something Peggy from Mad Men would wear, but I need a fascinator to go with it.

We enjoyed the sunshine in the city and took a stroll along the ferry terminal.

trench from Paperbag Princess | thrifted vintage dress and belt | UO shoes | sunglasses F21



touristy photo with husband :)




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