Monday, June 20, 2011

WIWT: A Day in Newmarket

I went into work this last Saturday for a few hours (lots of OT lately!), as a reward Chris & I decided to treat ourselves to lunch and a movie in Newmarket.

We watched the new X-men movie, and wow! It was really good. I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at watching James Mcavoy. LOL! I was really impressed with the whole different cast. I thought "Tony Stonem" from Skins played such a loveable nerd. I am always fascinated when people can fake accents from different countries. I was a tom boy in my day. I could really have a nerdy conversation with you about all the X-men and family lines :) I really enjoyed seeing the storyline between Mystique & Xavier as kids, heartbreaking and sweet for a comic book story!


Chris is wearing Barkers

This is Android's option for the instagram-style photo :P


Zhouk coat via Recycle Boutique (excuse the wrinkles!) | Celine blouse | F21 jeggings | thrifted boots

Polaroid app.,
I love my camera phone!

Yesterday, we also saw "Bridesmaids" which is super hilarious and endearing. You should definitely go see it! Brings back some memories from my wedding :P

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