Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kendra's Night Out In My Crazy Hometown, Las Vegas!

If you've ever had a chance to visit Las Vegas, I recommend going right now! February and March are the most pleasant months to enjoy the sun, the outdoors, shows, concerts, salons, malls, spas, pools, casinos, and of course, the 4.2-mile strip. I hope you venture outside of that too because there's lots to be done outside of that neon carnival!

Travel expert Kendra Thornton asked me to put together a day look and night look for her big trip to Vegas! AKA. "Kendra's Night Out" Challenge. As a busy mother, she explains that she doesn't keep up with the latest trends. I hope you like what I've put together. :)
Kendra's Night Out

Fun fact* - See that Googie mid-century modern star (yes, that's how it's spelled NOT Google) on the sign? My husband and I have matching tattoos of that star. As a former Las Vegas resident of nearly 20 years, I love that place and the silly, loving people in it! (Also, check out my LOCALS' GUIDE TO LAS VEGAS HERE!)

Kendra, I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas!

You can read more about her plans here.

"A couple months ago, some of my friends decided to go to Las Vegas for a night, and they invited me to go as well. I was thrilled at a chance to go back to Las Vegas. I usually went with my husband, but since we have three children, I have not gone for a while. My wardrobe would not fit in with the style and culture of Las Vegas, since we will be staying the night at the Palms Casino & Resort. Therefore, my friends have created a challenge called “Kendra’s Fashion Challenge.” This challenge that they have undertaken is trying to identify cute outfits that I should wear while we are at the Palms Casino & Resort. It will be interesting to see what they will do, as I am in desperate need.

Spring Spring Spring!!!

It's almost here!


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