Wednesday, February 10, 2016

JV's 2014 Recap (Posted in early 2016)

NOTE: 2014 updates one year later...

It seems that a lot of my friends on social media had a "sucky" 2014. For us, it was also a tough year. I call it the aftermath. We catapulted ourselves over to the U.S. with 3 suitcases each, no jobs lined up, barely enough savings, but it was necessary. Even after nearly 3 years of living in America, we are JUST starting to feel more settled. My uncertainty is the product of the recession, 6 jobs in 6 years (some freelance, some contracted jobs that came with a few unstable environments: xenophobia, microaggressions, racism, etc. UGH!). I held on just to stay afloat and survive overseas and in the U.S. UGH. All the suffering and sacrifices finally paid off because we live in a great place, are surrounded by good souls, and I got a job working for one of the top agencies in the world. Phew* I'm not going ANYWHERE! Stability has started my process of healing.


We welcomed 2014 with a dinner in Eastlake and then enjoyed cocktails/fireworks at Holly's and Alex's place. It was a simple month. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary at Ethan Stowell's Tavolata, there were hang outs with Lady C and Yuck performed at Neumos later in the month.


This amazing photo happened at LTD Art Gallery. A2 and Dom came to visit us, the Seahawks won the Superbowl, and then it snowed. We had a nice Valentine's Day and enjoyed a cute mellow Valentine's Party at Mel's place. I farewell'd a not-so-great situation, and it was the push I needed to pursue something better. We celebrated Chris' birthday with our favorite people. 


March was a busy month. LTD hosted a Game of Thrones exhibit, we also watched the Oscars at the gallery, LSL and I cringed at El Bachelor Juan Pablo's gaffes, I attended a media/PR workshop at the Seattle Times, we watched Sonicsgate with the film team, Christie visited us (lots of hilarious pranks), lots of other life changes kicked in, we watched my spirit animal Dennis Lyxzen perform, and hung out with Mark aka. Figga. :)


There were walks along viaduct. This bright, brilliant young soul invited me to come see her film at the NFFTY festival (she accomplished her dream of being accepted into NYU's film school). I was moved by these young creative geniuses who were also very articulate during the Q&A session. LSL and Erik took us to see these famous tulips.


LTD threw a fun 90s exhibit. The Pains of Being Pure Heart came to Seattle, and I got to spill my guts out to Kip about how they're my absolute favorite, and how he's the best singer/songwriter ever. I'll never forget how sincerely excited he was. Erik's amazing folk band performed in Ballard, I helped out at the annual NWIRP gala, I got a new job (!!!), the Seattle Center had a beer fest, Sonya made us the most delicious mac n' cheese (Alton Brown recipe), and we enjoyed a Memorial Day BBQ at Mel and James'.


Lady C moved into an amazing new flat, we celebrated Carl's birthday dressed up as wizards and danced at Therapy, Thematic Fashion Friday kicked off (I'm punk!), I went to Vegas to basically eat In 'N Out and celebrate mum's stylish birthday (Tory Burch from H to T).


I got to take Chris to my childhood home in the Philly burbs, Kay and Rich had a beautiful wedding, My Goodness performed for us at the office, we celebrated Nichole's birthday, we caught up with Eric and Gabby for the first time in ages, James Robinson published his Voyages in America book, Marty let me hang out backstage at Spoon/Capitol Hill Block Party, and I visited West Seattle/Alki Beach for the first time.


I took Chris back to Alki Beach, STRFKR DJ'd at Neumo's, Keil let us dance onstage, we attended the punk block party, I visited Bremerton for the first time and purposely wore a navy-themed outfit.


We got to see The Replacements and Nada Surf at Bumbershoot, Jack and Jordan's band came through town, they introduced me to their bandmate Alex who's also in Third Eye Blind (I got to geek out over all their history), and Jon took us Canoeing in the Washington Arboretum.


October started off with no sleep but a lot of excitement. We were brand ambassadors for a client+Demi Lovato, I partied at Adrienne's bachelorette party in Vegas, celebrated Sonya's birthday, reunited with Nick, and celebrated Halloween in NYC as "A" from Pretty Little Liars.


In November, my dear friends Adrienne and Dom got married. They had THE BEST playlist, and we danced all night. I hung out in Brooklyn and Philly, celebrated my birthday at Speckled and Drake, did pro bono work for a great outdoor adventure nonprofit, hiked around mini Mt. Si, hosted a Friendsgiving, and explored Georgetown with Chris.


The year ended with us seeing Saves the Day with Cameron (exclusive emo pics were taken). I had a glorious two weeks in Vegas with my family and drove to LA to see Jermee. I took my family to see the Fab Four. It was one of our last big memories together before my stepdad passed away in 2015. :/

My brother and I sang Saves the Day covers. We will always have these videos to laugh at. Don't I do a good Chris Conley impression?

Thanks for reading about my 2014.

I declared 2015 to be the year of travel. It certainly lived up to its name! 2015 updates to come!


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