Saturday, March 5, 2011

Starving for Fashion...

I've been starving for fashion. Not in the sense that I eat poorly, so I can buy designer goodies and Vogue magazine. But in my mind, I am not surrounded by sartorial splendor, artisticly beautiful nor frivolous things. There is no glamour but practical rain gear. The most exciting thing about my life lately is Gossip Girl pirated/streaming on the internet and vintage fashion blogs. (Exception -- the occasional eye-opening road trip across the country! I wish this happened more often, but for now I'm uninspired, messy & stuck in a rainy city.)

I know there are many more important things happening in the world/NZ right now, but these are some of the things I miss. I have lived on this island now for some 2.5 years. You have to get creative to pull a great look together for a lot less. It's a very expensive city that I live in. Imagine $10 -$15 meals at fast food take out joint. $5for fresh orange juice. $100 for a decent quality dress.

LSL & I went to the Auckland Museum, and we freaked out over these beautiful vintage pieces. In this particular part of the museum, we saw the various decades of New Zealand fashion & designers.




All New Zealand made!

Oh how I miss thrifting back home! I miss how accessible this stuff used to be. & how I wish Chris & I could do a cross country road trip thriting in various op shops.

I found my old nautical inspired knit dress that reminded me of something Anna Karina would wear. I love that kind of stuff. I should start putting more effort into my outfits.


  1. I like Your blog. I thing I will visit You again.

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  2. Thank you! I like your blog too =)

  3. Oh, it's beautiful and just like you! A real classy lady! I miss you too! :)


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