Sunday, February 20, 2011

LSL in Auckland

It was so surreal when we picked up LSL (aka. Leslie) at the airport~! On the drive back from the airport, we showed her parts of Auckland and my new life. We met up with my old funny co-worker Toby (who's Israeli/Canadian), and we ate Sal's pizza on K-road then went to the Wine Cellar.

December 2010
My only photo of that night since my camera died just after this =( This is the outdoor smoking area.

photo by LSL

We walked to Ponsonby looking for a good spot to hang out. Toby suggested a place that was closed off for a private event. For some reason, the bouncer said he didn't care if we went up as long as we fully understood we could get kicked out. As soon as Chris walked in, several people started calling his name. LOL, it turned out to be a party for some people he used to go to high school with. HAHAHA! They were totally fine with us there and laughed since we sneaked in. One side of the room was full of guidette types, and we almost had a "situation." LSL was pretty sure she heard a girl say out loud, "I DON'T KNOW THOSE PEOPLE." =)

We didn't care and felt like dancing. We were the only ones dancing, and I brought back my old Vegas spirit when I used to hang out at Sasha's. Within 10 minutes, we got the dance floor going, and it was packed. We left after 40 minutes since that's what we do. It was so fun and we danced no one was watching.

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