Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wedding Preview

We're still waiting on the professional photos! But they sent us a small preview...

One of my favourite memories of our wedding day was when I got inside the limo and the driver played this Ke$ha song the second I got in the door. I, or course danced around, and it helped put me in a good mood. It's SO bad that it's amazing! LOL to "hitting on doods, HARD."



Here I am nervous and stressed! I couldn't even relax on the way to the church since our limo driver drove us to the wrong church, and I had to give him directions the whole time to the correct place. Seriously, the whole week leading up to the ceremony was just like this. I don't think anyone realised how hard it was on us because they were just as busy or on holiday/vacation mode. We only had the day before the wedding to wrap up last minute stuff. The 5 days before that were spent showing family and friends around Auckland all day and night. Luckily, this would be the last of the mishaps, and it got better after this!

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  1. You look GORGEOUS!!! Congrats to the beautiful bride :)


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