Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Red, White & Blue Patriot

Hello my friends! I apologise for the lack of outfit posts/style blogging around these parts. I don't have much to share since we're cleaning out for our big move. BUT that'll change soon. Since my life has been in a constant state of transition and limbo for the past few years, I haven't really maintained by wardrobe. In fact, I've been downsizing for the last year! I'm hosting a clothing swap party with my girl friends next week, and that'll be my chance to get rid of all the clothes I don't wear/don't fit me anymore. Everything else will be donated. AHHH, it's going to be FUN! Cocktails and living room fashion shows.
Fashion is fun AND frivolous! I can't wait to reconstruct the wardrobe and get a little bit more creative again, within reason of course. It'll be nice starting over. :)

In *ahem* January, Chris and I took a nice stroll into the city and stopped at Myers Park for a few photos. I'm wearing a 60s/70s inspired shift dress. The dress is a size too big for me, but I couldn't not have it. I've always been a dress girl. Simple and comfortable + the time spent to get ready is cut in half = happy husband.
Cotton On dress | H&M bag | Warehouse shoes | F21 headband

This is on one of the rare summery days that Auckland experienced this summer.

Chris and I are just taking it all in and enjoying our last few weeks here in Auckland. It is rainy, rainy outside, but it's nice to be cozy inside with a cup of tea listening to the rain. These next few weeks are going to fly by, and I just want to enjoy the best of what Auckland has to offer. AMERICA HERE WE COME!


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  1. Nothing wrong with fun and frivolous! Dresses are the best.

  2. Such a pretty outfit! I love that dress!
    Great Blog :)


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