Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bumbershoot 2012

I discovered my new favourite music festival, and it was a painless walk just down the street from us. Bumbershoot Festival is hosted at the Seattle Center on Labor Day weekend every year. It's a variety of music, theater, comedy, improv, food, crafts and vendors. The weather was absolutely perfect too. I don't think I can handle Coachella or Big Day Out again.

I couldn't resist this photo opp! I love Zooey and New Girl! This peter pan collar was meant for it.

The Seattle Center is a mixed use entertainment center with theatres, a city park and several venues. It's the perfect place to hold a music festival, and there are plenty of bathroom facilities, so you don't have to step inside a porta-loo :)
me = happy

So happy to see these bands again... Photobucket Best Coast! I do live on the best coast.

A few hours later, I met Bethany of Best Coast. Photobucket
She is so stunning, pretty, cool and can pull off such an adorable dress.

Photobucket M83 being amazing as usual. Tense times ensued when at least 100 people in the crowd tried to fight their way down the steps onto the ground level. Dozens of bouncers couldn't control it.

And then I saw my favorite band! Photobucket

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart! I have to admit that the crowd was so much more subdued compared to the other two times I have seen them. It did lessen the experience even though they played amazingly! Kip, called them out, thanking the folks in the crowd who WEREN'T too cool to dance. YEP! The truth.

And then I MET them :)
We talked about prominent news journo John Campbell in New Zealand and how he had their band photo as his Twitter background for years :) Oh, I also joined the band!

The only other downside to this festival is that some of the venues reach max capacity, and you have to queue up to see some of the acts. I missed The Wombats because of this, and I preferred to see The Pains anyway! Luckily, most of the bands I wanted to see were in open spaces or gigantic venues.

Later in the night we saw The Vaselines. Nirvana covered a few of their songs back in the day.
Mind blowing moment of the night: when Krist Novoselic accompanied them on stage with the accordion. I was 13 when Nirvana played "Jesus Doesn't Want Me..." unplugged on MTV. My life in Seattle got super serious at this moment.

Here's the video courtesy of Guerrilla Candy.

The night ended with Passion Pit drawing in most of the festival. They were good, but I couldn't get into most of it. I wandered around a bit more, ate an ice cream sandwich and watched a soul/funk band from New Orleans. I didn't want to go home.

The next day I walked past the stage where I saw The Pains...and felt really sad that crews were taking everything down. I didn't want Bumbershoot to end because there goes my beautiful North American summer. It's the first summer I've had since 2008! What a glorious summer it was.

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  1. you are so super cute :) i love that first picture.

    sounds like you had a lot of fun. sounds so amazing!

  2. awww thanks Hayley! You know I'm only gonna throw that right back at you! Miss you <3


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