Friday, September 21, 2012

New Zealand: Final Days

I am obsessive compulsive; I post photos in chronological order. In a way, it keeps me in check. If I were skipping around all over the place, none of my old blog entries for the last ten years would have ever been posted. :) Life got so crazy hectic before I left New Zealand. I never had a chance to write about it or post any photos of what I was up to.

January - April 2012
During my last four months in New Zealand: Photobucket
We showed Jonah around Auckland! Jonah, Chris, Jeff and Nancy. I miss these faces!

Photobucket We visited Wellington and had the most amazing day with Phil and Jonah.

Photobucket This photo describes it all...

Photobucket Photobucket
I wished we were young forever.

We went to Laneway music festival, and I met prominent NZ news journalist John Campbell. We both love the Pains of Being Pure at Heart! ;)

I met this New Zealand top model. Does she look familiar? :)

Photobucket Mt. Eden in Auckland at dusk

Photobucket We hung out at Bastion Point. Photo by Jonah.

Chris and I ate the most delicious white sauce pizza in Auckland on Valentine's Day. Toto's!

We visited the Waitomo Caves in King County. The descendant of the cave's owner gave us the tour and demonstrated his love for astrology. The caves are two million years old! We saw stalagmites and stalactites. No photos because it wasn't allowed!

Partied and farewell'd NZ with my friends at work...

I hosted a swap party/ladies night and had such a gooood time!

And then... there was our farewell party.
with my lovely lady Hayley.

to be continued...


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