Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendster 2003 - 2004

I just found out that I have one month to save my Friendster profile! I can't believe it! It's fun to look back at what a nerd I am. I've dug up my old photos from 2003/2004.

True fact: I told Dave & Mark from The Killers to make a Friendster profile, and they did :) This was in their very early demo days, playing shows at Sasha's.
This is the first social networking website (see here) they made for the band back in 2003!
I'll have to blog about those good old fun days another time, but I'm obviously out of touch with those guys.

Here are my Friendster photos:
I'm on 13th street in Philadelphia, PA at a gelato shop with Philly Mark.
He took me there on a scooter! This is one of my most favourite vintage dresses (purchased in Brooklyn), and I still have it and wear it!

I'm visiting Boston here and used to have really short hair! This is just off of Newbury St.

Enids in Brooklyn, NY with Ted & Melissa 2004! I spent this really amazing summer in Philly and New York the semester before I graduated. It was the best decision I ever made since I worked for a solid 3.5 years after that!

downtown Las Vegas, admiring the vintage neon signs

And here I am with blogger Doug from Sixties Soul Blog, Christina and Joe from Lipstick and Cigarettes! :) We're at Club Underground in Los Angeles, and it was my most favourite place to go dancing. Sixties soul, indie, punk and brit pop music = the best.

(And here's the rest of my profile)
Interested In:
Friends, Activity Partners

Member Since:
Mar 2003

Philly // Las Vegas


What I enjoy doing:
dance partner remington. YOUR VESPA. bon bon. paul weller. michael blessed nesmith. traveling. philadelphia. los angeles. oldies. the british invasion. hipsters. fash f+cks. mods. beatniks. swankers. punks. rockers.

Favorite Music:
exploding hearts. the rutles. the kinks. the beatles. the adored. the monkees. beulah. gang of four. pulp. the police. morrissey.

Favorite TV Shows:
the monkees!!!!!!

Zodiac Sign:

About Me:
in the South Pacific (this was obviously updated last year!)

Who I Want to Meet:
Nice people.

I'll miss you Friendster, 2003 and 2004!

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