Saturday, April 30, 2011

Like Grace Kelly With Wings...

On Friday night (NZ time) I giddily watched the royal wedding with the billions of others around the world. I do know there are lots of tragic things going on in the world right now and am fully aware of America's history and independence from Great Britain (I remember the lessons from school). It was a different time back then; politics, world leaders etc etc. And times are obviously very different now! But ANYWAY, it was so nice to have a break from all of the doom and gloom and enjoy a glamourous, regal wedding with two people who obviously really love each other. Most girls dream of being a princess one day.

Let's start with the dress! I loved it! I LOVED IT. It was designed by Sarah Burton for the late Alexander McQueen. It was a beautiful twist of modern and classic. Like Grace Kelly with wings. :)

(True fact: My parents met on the famous Kelly Drive in Philadelphia.)
(True fact: I always refer to it as Grace Kelly Drive.)
with a 1936 Cartier tiara – on loan from Queen Elizabeth

I suppose it's gotten mixed responses. Kate may not have been directly inspired by Philadelphia-debutante-turned-Princess Grace Kelly, but I don't think you can go wrong with the timeless classics. When I look at my prom dress, I feel a bit embarrassed for all that poof-i-ness! And I DID NOT want that same feeling looking back at my wedding dress.

When I picked my wedding dress, I wanted it to be Audrey Hepburn inspired. Like this Givenchy gown from "Sabrina."

My dress looks nothing like this, but the I choose my dress specifically because of the gold embroidered detailing. I knew that I didn't want an actual white, white dress. The colour just doesn't suit my skin tone. I also wanted a dress that had some colour in it! I still love my dress, and hope I do forever :)

How adorable is this?! Congrats to the newlyweds!


  1. I really liked the dress! I like sleeves, and before the dress was revealed (and various designers were speculating about it) I read about how Europeans aren't as into the strapless wedding dress trend like American wedding dress designers are. This combined with the "modest" design the Abbey required, I think led to a wonderful choice! I hope that this will spark American designers to begin creating more dresses with sleeve options!

    (P.S. wrote this while half asleep so it sounds super dumb, but for reals I have an opinion on it haha)

  2. ALSO, Pippa's dress was on fire! Totally loved it & think it could make for a killer wedding dress on its own!

  3. @Cristina YAY, thanks for making it over here to Blogspot! I think some people can pull off the strapless dress, but I don't know how those things can actually stay up! Usually I'm always pulling it up, and it's definitely not a good look for cameras. I agree, I think there should be more sleeve options out there! Pippa's dress was lovely and very Abbey appropriate as well. The back end apparently seemed to be a hit with FB :P

    @Annie thanks for the add and checking out my blog! I love your blog!


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