Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best of Rugby World Cup 2011 (part two)

I have a huge backlog of Rugby World Cup photos! It's now or never...

September 2011

I'm wearing a 1960s vintage dress from Ashley of Three Feathers Vintage
And a thrifted 1970s dress worn as a jacket!


These French men had the whole intersection happily LAUGHING as they cheerfully sang their national anthem, drunkenly bumping into each other. Yes, that's a 3-in-1 costume. Downtown was absolutely buzzing. Good times!

On 9/11 with my fellow countrymen

USA vs. Australia, Hayley has the most amazing Americana outfit ever!

This ascot polka dot vintage blouse was purchased from blogger/designer Keiko's Postlapsaria Shop back in 2005! SRSLY! She's my favourite blogger, and I've been following her since her livejournal days.

Adrian as Evel Knievel, the all-American badass daredevil!
Also, Adrian & Hayley just got engaged. Congrats to one of the sweetest couples out there. <3

Captain America & the Avengers! Adrian, Hayley, Gabby, Eric and me :)

Anthony, Chris & Dave
USA vs. Italy, I love how the guy in the front asked to be in our picture.
HELL YES, you can be in our photo! :)

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