Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last weekend of this "Age Bracket"

Hi hi, hope you enjoyed your weekend.

In a few days, I'll be entering a whole new age bracket! Funny how it feels like my teens weren't that long ago, but while at the movie theatre this weekend...I winced when I was surrounded my loud mobs of teens. I suppose, I am getting old!

On Friday, I had a few glasses of wine at work with my colleagues. I went to sleep so early while reading a graphic novel/comic book my amazing pen pal L gave me. :)

On Saturday, we cooked breakfast for our friend visiting from Wellington, had lunch with our neighbours M&J, attempted to go shopping but went window shopping instead, we watched The New Girl, and then went to the movies to see "Drive!" Oh be still those Ryan Gosling hearts :)

I took a photo with Noisy Boy from Real Steal! We didn't see Atom anywhere, but maybe he's around there somewhere.

Today I did some chore work and ran some errands. We watched the pilot episode of "Pan Am" and enjoyed the rest of my lazy Sunday. After this week, I'm looking forward to my nice long weekend. I'll have lots to write about after next weekend!


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