Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hello from the US of A

(DISCLAIMER: This blog entry was written two weeks ago, but I figured I should still post it.)

"Hello! I'm finally here and back home in America :) This is where I slowly transition my Queen's English/spelling to American English/spelling.

Our last week consisted of packing, unpacking, eliminating more items, donating 80% of my wardrobe and then somehow narrowing my life down to 3 suitcases. Sigh* Stressful week, but I'm glad it's over!

We didn't sleep the night before our flight. Our shuttle driver didn't arrive at 1:30AM, so we called to find out he slept in! EEPS. He showed up an hour later with enough time to race to the airport (which was two hours away). I stayed up the whole time talking to the driver, trying to ensure he stayed awake. As we pulled into the airport Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger" came on the radio. HAHA! Of all the songs that could have came on before I departed New Zealand, that was the ONE!

Chris' cousin was on our flight from NZ to OZ!
We had a layover in Melbourne and then traveled 14 hours to Los Angeles sitting behind screaming babies and children. Ah! What can you do? The past week has been a mad dash of setting up bank accounts, cellphones, computer/gadget purchases, replacing my driver's license that I lost at LAX. Oh! Spending time with the family and catching up with a few friends. Things are slowly settling down, so I hope to catch up with more friends as the week goes along. We'll be packing all over again for our big move on May 1st! I'll have to get super serious and start applying to jobs. It never ends.


1. Reunion with Christie (This is happiness!)
2. In N' Out with Chris


3. Tapas with my mama
4. "Whatever major loser" and side ponytails! ...Homage to Clueless (BFC reunion)


5. noodles with Remi B!
6. our we live back in America/wedding #2 party!

I hung out inside my beloved Champagnes Cafe where Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro and Martin Scorcese frequented when they stayed here while filming Casino. In true Vegas fashion, we spent one night out exploring empty ritzy casinos, looking for good views of the city. It is so strange being back! I only slightly have that fleeing feeling knowing that my time here will expire as it usually does. I don't have to fly back to NZ. It is so strange! I immediately lost 5 pounds upon arrival. My diet does not consist of sugary tea, muffins and cake. I am now eating smaller portions, mostly Mexican food, and it is so good and so cheap! We had a party and old friends/family from all parts of my past life came to see us. It was surreal and such a good time. Seriously, big thanks to those who came out to see us! This life is too short, busy and hectic and who knows when I'll have this chance to see everyone again. I am so thankful!

I am figuring out my place back in American society. Also, slowly figuring out how to use my phone and text and being social. Learning how to drive again. It hasn't been easy re-integrating myself back in American society and customs. I have changed so much. I am looking forward to the new places I will see, the new friendships I will make, and the memories I will be creating with my long lost family and loved ones."

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