Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our new life in Seattle

WELL! We've been living in Seattle for nearly three weeks now! We crashed on our our amazingly hospitable friends' couches. We've been eating Mexican food, learning our way around Capitol Hill, the CBD, Queen Anne etc. We completed the arduous task of finding an apartment. The first apartment we looked at seriously depressed us, and I was worried it would foreshadow my experiences in a new city. But during day two, we actually found a great place we could actually live in! C& P took us to the best pizza in town- Proletariat Pizza! We visited the Pacific Science Center and watched Thor :)
Photobucket Photobucket
1.) C& P pizza time
2.) North of Seattle

Chris & I ate the most delicious vegan sandwich at High Line. LSL & I woke up ridiculously early on a Saturday morning to drive to the suburbs for a bi-annual community wide garage sale! I had a group interview and was a successful applicant! I will be working as an assistant for an amazing Nat'l Geographic exhibit :) We went on a mini-shopping spree at Target thanks to our friends' generous gifts! We rented a car. Chris drove because I lost my drivers license, DOH! Not surprising. We moved into our flat, settled in. We saw The Drums.

3.) The Drums at Neumos 4.) Our neighborhood

5.) & 6.) More happy hours on the hill

Watched Avengers, enjoyed rooftop views of the city at my old Vegas friend's (Jose) place.

We also wandered to Ballard (to enjoy the farmers market)
7.) Ballard
8.) Wallingford

PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket
9.) Capitol Hill
10.) Good policies at Cha Cha's
11.) Boeing territory
12.) A beautiful day in the neighborhood

I'm happy to report that I should be blogging fairly regularly now :)

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  1. Yay! Glad you guys are settling in and enjoying your new life! Looking forward to more blog posts about Seattle!

  2. Thanks Vera :) Hope you're doing well! I hope to blog "heaps" more.

  3. Hello! =) How are you doing? It seems like you and Chris are music lovers, which is obvious with your picture at Neumos. Indeed, Seattle is your place to be. It has a noteworthy musical history. The lush green forests and the numerous water bodies have provided livelihood for many hunting and gathering communities. Seeing your pictures makes me look forward to more of your future blogs. Your new life is worth sharing, so keep us updated. =)
    Lakisha Zimmerer


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