Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Emma Stone: Vogue July 2012

Aren't these images of Emma Stone so fun and bold? I see a lot of commentary about how she looks like a mad hatter, but I can always appreciate a bold outrageous print. Wouldn't it be so fun to wear these suits walking around New York City?
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Photos from here by Mark Testino.
Clothes by Dries Van Noten

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  1. Hey babe! Hope you had a fab time in Vegas with your Mom and some good family times. Sending you lots of love and hopefully a proper update soon. Can you email your address pretty please? Sorry to bug you. Hope you having a lovely day. Wish we were having summer like you guys. Ugh over coldness!

  2. @hayley hello lovely lady! I'm so sorry for the late response. A message has been sent to you via FB :) Hang in there, we'll be trading winter with you soon!


  3. Oh wow! Loving this editorial!! Emma Stone looks amazing!



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