Friday, July 27, 2012

Life Lately

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
-ferry ride to West Seattle
-Walking past Seattle Art Museum (Which is next up on our list!)

Photobucket Photobucket "What's it like to grow up in Vegas?" "Extremely wild and extremely BORING and suburban." I can assure you. Look at this photo. Photobucket
-dinner at Poquitos in Capitol Hill
-Vegas parking lot
-Pacific Science Center

This summer is treating us well! (Besides working heaps)
I went to West Seattle to visit Chris at his place of employment overlooking the Puget Sound.
I spent a day walking around the city by myself.
I devoured vege yam tacos at Poquitos for the first time.
Visited Vegas for mum's birthday, remembered what music used to be like at a millennium indie inspired show, celebrated the 4th of July watching the fireworks on Lake Union, met animals I've never heard of before at the zoo, saw the Nirvana, Jimmy Hendrix, ACDC, Avatar, Science Fiction Icons and horror movie exhibits at the EMP (Experience Music Project), went on a boat ride tour of Chief Seattle, visited the aquarium, touched a sea creature, adored the otters, caught up with our old Kiwi mates ranting about the National Party, went to Bauhaus coffee, discussing Eames architecture at the Science Center, sang Arrested Development and Notorious BIG at Rockbox karaoke for Sarah's birthday, saw the King Tut exhibit, went up on the Space Needle for the first time, drinking hot cocoa, watching the sunset!

We are so glad we live here now.

Wasn't the opening ceremony of the Olympics so fun and so British tonight? Loved the tributes!

On a very, very, very serious note, here are two recent blog entries written by my amazing husband Chris - Land of the Free? Which Freedom Do You Prefer?

and the great Kiwi blogger James Robinson
More guns, Much More Sadness

So tragic and senseless. My heart is wishing for a lifetime of strength and healing.
Enjoy your summer, stay safe, much love and happiness to you.


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  1. those tacos look amazing. making me miss the yuminess you have there. the GOOD mexican. so hard to find here...

    1. Miss you lady! Don't worry all the good yummy Mexican food will be here waiting for you. Holy moly, you're honeymoon in Europe looks like it's gonna be amazing! <3

  2. Great photos :) I love it here! We have already had some great times, with many more to come.

    Thanks for linking my blog entry :D




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