Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Recap

Well, I haven't written an official Year In Review blog entry since moving to New Zealand three years ago! I really should write one for the rest of 2008, 2009 and 2010 as well!

Let's talk about the last 12 months. I'll try to keep it brief.

This was a HUGE month for me.
I spent New Year's Eve at a costume party in the North Shore with all our friends!
We drove back to the city just in time to see the fireworks. We introduced LSL to the city of Auckland. We went hiking and went to the beach.
My long-time dream of showing my family around New Zealand finally came true. I selfishly wanted them to come out here for our wedding AND to FINALLY see New Zealand. I'm so happy it happened.
I had a hens night/bachelorette party.
I married my best friend, and we went on a honeymoon to Singapore & Philippines where I introduced him to my family :)

We saw Jeff's band! We went to the Lantern Festival at Albert Park. I surprised Chris for his birthday inviting our good friends out! We went to Hawke's Bay for a beautiful wedding. We hung out inside an old high society mansion. Stopped through Taupo on the way back.

We partcipated in the Relay For Life, and the proceeds went to the New Zealand Cancer Society. We were able to reach our fundraising goal! We caught up with friends, started the breakfast/brunch club with Gabby in Silverdale, went to Mike & Kel's housewarming and went to places we've never been to before. Matt & Jess had a costume party.

Celebrated Matt's birthday, went to the Waikato for Easter, visited Taupo
Chris & I took some of my most favourite photos ever at Albert Park.

We watched so much Mad Men! Hung out at the Library Bar for the first time ever, brunched, welcomed the grey weather, went on a scavenger hunt set up like "The Amazing Race". We won! I had minor surgery. We saw The Debutantes. We went to Matamata.

We went to Wellington and caught up with some old friends. We watched the play that Rey directed! Hung out in Tirau with Chris' mum, hung out with Hayley and Adrian :)

I went back home to Las Vegas and had the most amazing time catching up with old friends and family <3. I also showed Colette around Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle and we visited Portland. Caught up with LSL, Lady C & P. We had a dinner party at our flat where I recreated In N' Out grilled cheese/animal fries!

We caught some serious Rugby World Cup fever AND dressed up for it. I went to the Fanzone 3 nights a week! We befriended international supporters. New Zealand scored a major victory and we celebrated in the streets. Inbetween that, we went to the Diwali Festival.

Chris threw a surprise birthday dinner for me with our crew of awesome friends. We went to the South Island hanging out in Dunedin, the small towns of Otago and then Queenstown. We had a Thanksgiving dinner at Mike & Kel's place. Ryler moved to New Zealand!

We showed Ryler around Auckland and the Coromandel, LSL came to visit, we went back to the beach, threw a birthday party for Jerry, went dancing at DOC w/ Jeff, Nancy and Ryler, hung out with some friends on NYE, took goofy pictures and rang in the New Year drinking champagne with my love.

2011 you were a big shock to my system! Living so far away from everything and everybody I know polarises my feelings. I'll try to focus on the positive. I'm looking forward to some new goals and challenges in 2012. FOR SERIOUS!

ALSO-- I'll be impressed if you made it through this monster entry! Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! I started this blog as a creative outlet, and I've met some really, really awesome people on here.

I sincerely hope 2012 treats you well! We only live once!

PS. I was a bit ambitious creating all these collages for each month. I've been working on it for the last week! I'm a bit worn out now with Photoshop, but I'll appreciate this later when I look back.

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