Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dunedin/South Island Nov. 2011 (part three)

After our chocolate factory tour, we went on the Speights Brewery tour! Now, we weren't loyal to the Speights brand, but we've always enjoyed Summit :) This tour converted us.

"Still on the same site it has occupied since 1876, Speight’s Brewery has become one of Dunedin and Otago’s biggest icons. Not just the “Pride of the South”, the Speight’s brand is one of New Zealand’s most loved beers."



Just up the road, a school in between a church and a brewery. HAHA! Enticing.

We learned about the history of beer and Speights beer production. My favourite part was seeing an old group photo showing hundreds of workers and ONE female, who became the first female employee hired in the late 1890's.
In the end, they let us loose on the bar, and we could play bartender and pour our own drinks. Needless to say, the whole room started drinking these glasses like shots, and the room became extremely jolly! They also had non-alcoholic drinks for those who opted out.

We were very fortunate to see that the Canon enthusiast in our brewery tour group offered to take this photo for us. YES!
Cheers! :)


  1. chocolate factory tour? Wow!

    What a jump!!! :)))

  2. Aw great photo of you two at the end! :) I'm yet to do the speights tour - must get on to that! :)


  3. @Aśa The chocolate factory is awesome! :)

    @Kc Thanks! Yes, you must definitely check it out! The beer at the end was delicious. There's something so special about it coming straight from production. :)


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