Friday, February 17, 2012


WELL, I have some big news to announce! :)

After three and a half years of living in Auckland, New Zealand, my husband and I are moving to Seattle in two-months time! When I first moved here, I had no idea how long I would be staying and the future of my relationship. Well, well, well! We are absolutely thrilled to start a new life in the Pac NW. I've been dying to get back home to the USA, closer to my family and friends who are basically my LIFE. (They are mostly scattered across the west coast aka. best coast) :P

I have been keeping this secret for a while, and now I feel like I can actually write in my blog without being so reserved. (I don't publicly divulge that much info. about my personal life on the Internet even if it does appear to be that way.)

For the last three and a half years, it's been an unforgettable adventure filled with joy and heartbreak. I have changed so much and am so grateful for the good people I have met along this journey.

There were times when I felt like this:

Add one dose of culture shock, an isolated island 12-hours-direct-flight away from home! Round trip tickets cost anywhere from $1,500-$2000, heaps of homesickness and there it is. It's time for me to move on. I've met some wonderful people along the way; you know who you are. And have learned SOOO much about my husband's country that he calls home.

You may be thinking, "Why Seattle????" We've discussed and debated over this many times, and Seattle was winning out of all the places on the west coast. We wanted to to be closer to my family. Great economy, lots of industries and opportunity, my closest friends already live there, the great outdoors, the beach, good coffee, great music scene, affordable living, public transportation, progressive green-thinking culture, close proximity to Portland/Vancouver, BC...the list goes on. Win win win! If you're thinking about the rain and lack of sunshine. Would you believe that it actually rains MORE in Auckland than in Seattle? And Seattle actually has a few more hours of sunshine than Auckland! Basically, we're moving to a place with the same sort of climate. I'll make sure to visit Vegas and LA frequently where I can rely on heavy doses of sunshine.

I cannot wait to get back and have a fresh new start. New home, new city to explore w/ old friendly faces. Also, I would love to connect with any Seattle or Portland area friends/bloggers. :)

This is us when we first visited Seattle together back in 2008.

And as we wrap up this Auckland life, I will be posting a series of blog posts titled, "Best of Auckland and New Zealand" showing our favourite places to hang out. Watch this space.

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