Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! It's one of my favourite holidays (real or not). Even though this day was mostly spent single in my younger days, I always had a great time hanging out with friends. (True story: A girl I once knew seriously thought I stole her Valentine's date back in 2002! But the truth was the dood flaked because he didn't keep her number on him; he was visiting from out of state. This was also a time when people didn't really use cellphones yet. I, of course didn't have the number because we weren't friends anymore! This Valentine's flake ended up going to a basketball game and then dinner with LARGE group of friends that included 4 of my girl friends and 2 guy pals. Sadly, I knew this girl would blame me, but what can you do right?! I felt terrible her night was ruined, and it's probably gone down in history as her worst Valentine's Day ever. Sigh* with me to blame, even though I swear on my life I didn't have any part in it. Ahhhhh, if she ever reads this...)

Well now that I've gotten that off my chest... I had an amazing Valentine's Day with my husband! He ordered fancy pizza from Toto's, bought white wine and set up a picnic in our apartment. It's the second time we've done this and could become a Valentine's Day tradition that I'll happily celebrate.
Afterward, we walked to a favourite local bar! On the way there, we saw so many cute couples snuggling up on benches.
We enjoyed a few drinks watching iconic MTV 90s videos and one-hit wonders including Dee-Lite, Bjork and Big Audio Dynamite. The 90s were such a great time for music, and MTV was actually very enjoyable back then. I am clinging to my youth.

I have some news to share with you later!

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