Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Mom The Style Icon

In honour of Mother's Day, I'd like to share a few photos of mum in the 1970s.
Mom in New York City circa 1979, check out the twin towers!!! Can you see? This is probably why I became obsessed with the glamour, hustle and bustle of NYC! Whether my mom likes to admit it, I think she did enjoy the city life.

Mom on the far left! This is either Philly or NYC circa 1978, my mom was about 24 or 25 here!

Mom in Philly circa 1978, MAN! What a style icon! I love this outfit so much! Perhaps Rocky Balboa is jogging around the corner. :) I wish I knew were this Philadelphia stoop was...I'd totally dress up in this exact outfit & reenact this photo.

My mother 21-years-old circa 1975 first runner up in a beauty pageant @ her nursing school in Cebu, Philippines. (She's not pregnant here! That's just her dress. She had me 6 years later.)

Mum doesn't understand why I love vintage clothing so much! When my Auntie's saw photos of me back in 2004 wearing 60s dresses and oversized sunglasses they laughed and said, "The spirit of Jacquelyn O'nassis" HAHAHAHA!

I found these incredible photos of my Auntie's wearing 60s mini-dresses. I said,
"What do you think happened to those dresses?!"
"They are long gone eaten by a moth."
Perhaps, that's where I get my wackyness from.

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day mum! Love you!

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