Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seattle & The Shining

August 2011

On day three of our trip, we got suckered into this cute vintage shop across the street from my friend LSL's place!

This cute little fellow was guarding the shop! Every time I'd try to kneel down to snap a portrait, my new little friend wanted to come walk over to me.

Well, I couldn't walk away from an original 1960s air stewardess dress inside the shop! It's a bit funky, but I didn't want to regret leaving it there. (Glad I didn't!) I asked Colette & LSL if I could pull it off, and they said, "YES!" I'll get a photo in it soon. My mom will CRINGE. :)

We walked through the city shopping, snacking on piroshkis enjoying the nice weather.

And here we are in Pike Market near the original Starbucks.

when we returned back to LSL's place, I couldn't help but suggest that her building was a bit spooky!!!


LSL & Colette pretending to be ghosts :)


Now, I've never seen The Shining, but I'm truly amazed because I took this photo thinking about how eirie it would be from this exact angle. And now that I've seen screen stills, I'm SERIOUSLY CREEPED OUT! And amazed that it's just like the movie! The freakin' wallpaper! FYI: I don't do horror movies. I have a visual memory, and I hope I forget those bloodbath photos I had to endure just to get this photo for you below:


MAN, the next place we live in can't have hallways like this. I'm SUCH a baby :)


  1. I can't believe how much that place looks like the Shining hotel! That is creepy!

    I love the vintage shop cat =)

  2. @city rose it's super charming during the day, but then at night time it just feels so different in there!

    @Heather YEAH, it's the cream walls and wallpaper! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


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