Friday, October 28, 2011

Blind To Blue Skies...

Last, last weekend we drove further south into the Waikato country, Matamata, driving through Cambridge and Hamiltron. Okay, it's Hamilton :)

The weather in New Zealand is either a win or lose situation for me. When I'm walking everywhere which is 90% of the time, the sun and occasional cloudy day is ideal. When those grey clouds build up and the torrential rain comes down on me, it's no fun getting soaked while taking public transportation on the way to work! They do say that NZ needs all the rain it can get, so it can stay so green and pretty.



You know that rock n' roll band "The Datsuns"??? Apparently, people think they're from Australia, but they're not! Totally New Zealand, and this is where they come from...beautiful quaint Cambridge. "Like a motherf+ckr from h+ll!"

Chris and I have a few trips planned, so I'm really looking forward to it! Time to escape and get inspired.

jumping around Hamiltron practically wearing everything F21 :P

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I am so darn happy I get to sleep in tomorrow.

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