Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They think twice, about where they're anchoring...

When I was a little girl, my mom always dressed me up in sailor dresses. I assume it was because my father was a marine officer. He travelled the seven seas as a third mate. He was just moments away from becoming a captain; however, he couldn't take it anymore. He eventually moved back to the land! And that was how he met my mother. :)
messy hair, tights, maryjanes, mismatched bag, barrettes and a sailor dress...
as you can see, not much as changed! My mama started all of this :)
For the pinay bloggers out there, that's PBA player Dale Singson behind me. LOL, he's my mom's first cousin.

These photos were taken over a week ago at the viaduct.


I usually try to avoid the cheaply made high street stuff because it doesn't last long, but I couldn't resist this jacket.

trapeze dress- bought in Singapore | Valleygirl jacket | thrifted vintage scarf | Warehouse rosette flats | Coach purse
jacket- Valleygirl

"Sometimes, when sailors are sailing
They think twice, about where they're anchoring
And I think, I could make better use of my time on land"

If you know where those lyrics are from, you have my heart.


  1. Cute idea for a post! I love both sailor-inspired outfits. Red, white and blue always looks so good, and I like how your "adult" red purse is a Coach purse, haha!

  2. This was your arrival at Cebu International Airport, your first visit, that's why your hair is messy ... 21 hrs flight home, you won a $1000 worth 3 nights stay at 5Star Shangrila Hotel, Manila and we had a pic of that suite


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