Monday, October 3, 2011

Much Love Monday: October 3, 2011

Hello my friends,

Sorry for my absence. I needed a little break from blogspot overload. It's been a very cold, grey and sleepy Monday. Torrential rain and dark skies have invaded Auckland city. I am SO happy to be home, bundled in my pjs. Dinner & Mad Men = perfect night.

I was feeling really nostalgic today...(well more so than usual), and I couldn't stop listening to all the old bands that I loved as a teen. Age 14 to 18. The only thing that could keep me awake today was Less Than Jake, Lifetime, Sunny Day Real Estate and The Jazz June! My mind flashed back to all the old punk mixed tapes I had in high school. I need some Operation Ivy in my life :) By the time I turned 19, I wanted so desperately to live in a city or a place where there was an active music scene. I wanted to be surrounded by people who had similar musical and lifestyle interests as me. That would explain my constant need to travel around the USA in my 20s.

Much love for old music:

I love the music from this time period!

and this one:

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